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IMPACT TRAVELS – Go, See, Change

Travelling with Impact Travels gives you an opportunity to travel to a developing country both as a tourist and as a skilled volunteer. As a traveller you get the opportunity to experience great nature, great people, local culture, a traditional way of living and of course local hospitality. As a skilled volunteer you get to experience the joy of making a difference to other people by using your skills to make a meaningful contribution a place where it is highly needed.

Preparing travel with Impact Travels means co-creating your journey with us. We will work together to determine how your professional skills can best be utilized to make a real difference for people in Africa.  Activities leading up to travelling to Africa include skill assessment session, meet the partners-video conference, cultural preparations workshop and drafting the project.

The Journey is in two parts. It is scheduled to take 3-4 weeks. Destinations are Kenya and Uganda.

The first 7-10 days are dedicated to experiencing the country. Activities can include visiting popular tourist destinations, going on animal safari, R&R by the beach and experiencing local atmosphere – all depending on the preferences of the traveller.

In Kenya, for example: 

  • Bomas of Kenya (Cultural centre, where you experience the traditional songs and dances) 
  • David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (a rescue and rehabilitation program for orphaned elephants) 
  • Karen Blixen's farm 
  • Safari in Amboseli, Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru 

In Uganda, for example:

  • Kasubi Tombs (Royal Tombs of Buganda kingdom) 
  • Parliament 
  • The National Mosque (built during Idi Amin’s reign) 
  • Safari in Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls

The following 20 days are dedicated to the project the skilled volunteer and Impact Travels have co-created.  You will be involved in a project in which you with your knowledge, your skills and your work are helping to raise skills levels of the local population. Activities here include:

  • Initial dialogue
  • 1st hand/participatory experience 
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Evaluation and further development

The purpose of the project is to help improve people’s livelihood by transferring knowledge and know-how. Based on hands-on, participatory methods the traveller/skilled volunteer can engage directly with a local colleague to collaborate on improving crafts/techniques and overall skills. Furthermore, seminars with the purpose of ’train the trainer’ will be facilitated at relevant local educational institutions. Thus, both local impact and sustainability of the project is ensured.

Basically Impact Travels will work in three main areas:


  • Teaching (English, IT, mathematics and science) 
  • Education and teaching methods 
  • Homework and activities for kids

Practical subjects 

  • Craft (electronic, mechanical, metal, tailoring, carpentry and joinery)
  • Recycling and recovery 
  • Hygiene and health

Entrepreneurship / investment 

  • Technical assistance and support services 
  • Business Building and Planning 
  • Microloans

Impact Travels is founded on the idea that transfer of knowledge is paramount in setting people on a path to development. We base our work on mutual understanding and respect between people of different cultures. For the traveller the reward of a journey with Impact Travels is personal insight, a unique challenge culturally and professionally along with a chance to get in touch with and be touched by people who face very different challenges in life. For the locals, the project is a potentially life-changing experience. It is an opportunity to create a brighter future for themselves and their family. 

As we say: “Impact Travels – Go, See, Change”


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